Jumping the Snark

12/4: 355 words. Most of my words this morning were a snarky conversation between a parent and child. Those are fun conversations to write, but sometimes it’s hard to tell how much banter is too much. I guess that’s what editing is for.

New Job, Few Words

11/3: 108 words. Revised a little bit of the chapter I’m working on in Forging Bonds, and added a couple of new paragraphs. It’s the first time I’ve written since the weekend, because I’ve started a new job and been consumed with all that entails. Maybe the upcoming weekend will be kind to my progress.

A Productive End to My Funemployment

11/28: 1022 words. The words flowed well this morning. I feel good about the words I wrote today. There was an important development that has paved the way to an significant revelation, which I plan to write tomorrow.

Also, I wrote 3287 words over the last 8 days, landing squarely in the middle of the goal I had set for myself.

Closing in on My Funemployment Goal

11/27: 436 words. The bottom end of my goal for my week between jobs was 2500 words. With today’s writing, I’ve got 2200 words and some change. So with even a meager output tomorrow, I will have achieved my goal, while still being able to meet all my family obligations and even get some work in on other writing/podcasting projects as well. Not bad (not great, but not bad).

Post-Turkey Productivity

11/26: 270 words (so far). I started a new chapter this morning and have some fun ideas for how it will go. I had to stop writing before I got too far along, but at least I’m back into triple digits. I’m hoping to have an opportunity to write more later in the day.

This next bit isn’t considered within the word count, but I also did a fair bit of outlining this morning, working out one of the protagonists’ arcs.

Update: Added 401 more words mid-morning. My word count spreadsheet says this is the most words I’ve written in a day since October 15. Yikes.

Thanksgiving Day Writings

11/25: 37 words. Instead of making good progress, I’ve been basically halving the amount of writing that I’ve been doing each day. But this morning, when the 7YO got up at 5:58am (about 10 minutes after I had) and asked me to play Lego’s with him, I decided to say yes. So rather than building fictional worlds, we spent a few hours making starships.

I feel really good about that decision, and even better about the decision to taking him fishing yesterday afternoon.

In a bit of irony, I wrote more words for this blog entry that I wrote in my novel. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.

More Words and the End of a Chapter

11/24: 178 words. Again, less than I’d intended. I had to order some new glasses and then find a new fishing spot for the 7YO and me today.

But I did finish the first chapter of Forging Bonds and give it a light touch-up. So I’m feeling good about the beginning of the third novel. Of course, if it goes like the first two books in The Zauberi Chronicles, that won’t end up being the first chapter after all.

Progress Report: Some, Not a Lot

11/23: 248 words. Work interfered with my writing this morning. Nevertheless, I got some words in. Words I feel good about. I didn’t finish the first chapter of Forging Bonds like I had hoped, but I did add more depth and specificity to the setting.

Writing Goals for My Week of Funemployment

11/22: 423 words. I have a week of funemployment ahead of me before I start my new job. I have a number of projects around the house to complete, but you didn’t come here to read about that. I have writing goals too.

During my week of funemployment, my goal is to write between 2,500 and 4,000 words of Forging Bonds (The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 3). This morning, I made some more headway into Chapter 1 and should be able to finish it tomorrow. We’ll see where things go from there.

Book 3’s Plot Is Already Jamming Me Up

11/21: With Seeking Sanctuary (The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 2) behind me and set for pre-order, it’s time to start writing the third book in the trilogy. I’ve known for some time in very general terms how the book is going to unfold. But — and I don’t know if this is because I’ve had the plot set in my mind for so long or if it’s because it holds too closely to genre conventions — the plot seems too predictable. So that’s been jamming me up, to the extent that I’ve found it extraordinarily difficult to even get started.

Expectant Writer J. W. Judge Book 3's Plot Is Already Jamming Me Up

Here’s all the progress I’ve made so far:

  • 11/5: 614 words in Chapter 1
  • 11/6: 41 words in Chapter 1
  • 11/18: 204 words in Chapter 1

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got so far.

But Friday morning, I had a big idea. One of those ideas that will change the entire structure and direction of the book. I was excited about it and started working through everything in my head. It wasn’t immediately clear to me, however, whether the idea was a good or bad one. But it did break the dam that was jamming me up.

To help me sort it out, I called my editor and pitched the new plot direction to her. She liked it, which was encouraging. So now it just comes down to the execution. And I can’t execute anything if I’m not writing. I guess I’d better stop procrastinating by writing on the blog and get to it.