I Could Have Done More

1/17: 746 words. I could have written more words this morning, but mid-way through the chapter I’m writing, I decided to change the point-of-view character. So that took some revising. But it’s definitely better this way.

Feeling Better about that Chapter

1/16: 956 words. Finished another chapter. It was going to be a really long chapter, so I’ve split it into two, which means I have another chapter before closing out the first quarter of the book. Also, after a light edit, I’m feeling much better about the chapter I thought I didn’t like the other day.

I Hate Starting New Chapters

1/13: 182 words.

1/14: 361. I hate starting new chapters. Even when I know what needs to happen within them, it can be kind of a bear. Unless things are flowing directly from the preceding chapter into the new one (which is uncommon for the way I write), I just have to pick a starting point and go from there.

So, following some writing advice I read somewhere along the way, I try not to leave myself with a new chapter to start first thing in the morning. Having that in front of me usually devolves into unnecessary research that I talk myself into. Don’t get me wrong — there’s plenty of actual research I have to do for Forging Bonds since I am (again) writing about places I’ve never been to. There’s no sense adding to that just to avoid writing.

Smitten with Uncertainty

1/10: 319 words.

1/11: 581 words.

1/12: 941 words.

Everything was going sow well. It was bound to derail. And it has. Or maybe it hasn’t. I can’t really tell right now. I was feeling really going about everything until the chapter that I wrote yesterday and today. It feels like a placeholder in a way. And the dialogue is … fine? not fine? I have no idea. But the next chapter, to paraphrase Toby Keith, has a little less talk and a lot more action. So maybe I’ll feel better after that.

Wrapping Up a Chapter with Uncertainty

1/9: 349 words. I finished another chapter of Forging Bonds this morning. But I’m not feeling a lot of confidence about it. I think it’s fine, but it’s going to need a little love in editing to really bring it to life.

That said, today’s chapter brought the book to 17,500, which (if the prior two books are any indication is the 25% mark.

Playing Catch Up on the Writing Blog

1/6: 0 words. I had to get a podcast episode out, which always takes longer than I allot for. You’d think I’d have that down after 50 episodes.

1/7: 372 words. I thought I was going to have a goose egg for yesterday too, because I spent the early morning hours creating new ebook covers for Vulcan Rising and Seeking Sanctuary (which releases in 3 days!). But last night, while the little one was taking a bath, I pounded out enough words to finish the chapter I was working on.

1/8: 1218 words. Everyone slept in (except me), which made for a solid chunk of writing time this morning. The characters are in the middle of their frustrating try/fail cycle, but they seem to be taking it pretty well so far. That’s the good thing about teenagers. They can be both melodramatic and resilient in about the same half-hour.

Modern-Day Oracle

1/5: 602 words. One of the things I’m most enjoying about Forging Bonds so far is that it keeps delivering surprises to me. Characters continue to get more interesting. Hopefully, I can keep this momentum going, though I’ll inevitably run into a roadblock at some point (or points) along the way.

Filling Out a Scene

1/4: 285 words. I slapped off my alarm and slept an extra fifteen minutes this morning, so I lost some writing time. After the fact, I never think the additional sleep was worth it. Writing time is more precious to me than sleep.

Today, I finished filling out a scene that ended up being about 1400 words. When I started writing it, I thought it was going to be much smaller. But in this instance, the words kept flowing and it kept developing. It’s weird how that works. Finding the right words for some scenes is look pulling teeth, while others (which you hadn’t planned out or thought through beforehand) essentially write themselves.