Lots of things going on today, so let’s just start at the top.

New Book!

My new book, Write Your Novel One Day at a Time, released today. I hope it lands in the hands of a lot of would-be writers because I think it’s a great tool. Here’s a synopsis:

You’ve always had the ideas for your novel. Now, you can do the work of writing it.

Write Your Novel One Day at a Time will help develop the processes to do the creative work of writing your novel. I will show you the power of consistency by giving you a look at my daily word counts and journal entries through the six-month endeavor of writing my third novel while working my day-job as a commercial litigator and raising a young family.

You can pick it up wherever you like to buy your books online.

New Podcast Episode!

Episode 9 of The Write Approach is out today. Barbara Hinske and I pick up from a prior episode in talking about providing description through dialogue and character actions, rather than having big blocks of text that people want to skim.

Writing Update!

With October behind us, here’s what it looked like for me. I wrote 12,432 words, which brought me to 127,711 for the year.

I’ve written about 43,000 words of Casual Business with Fairies. For most of the book, it’s been trending shorter than the first three novels, but there’s SO MUCH that still needs to happen. Act 3 may end up accounting for more than a quarter of the book that it usually occupies. It’s a peculiar position to be in to have written 2/3 of a novel and still have so much up in the air.

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