4/23: 2220 words. My word count total today is the second-most words I’ve written in a day since I started my word count log in 2019. Also, it took me over 60,000 words for the year. From a big-picture perspective, it looks like a successful writing day.

But — you knew there was a but coming — the start was stilted and uncertain. I continue to have grave doubts about the climactic chapters in the Ending Payoff of Forging Bonds. I don’t know if the payoff is satisfying. I need some distance between myself and the story to get a better grasp on it. And I’ll have to rely heavily on my editor to share her instincts and impressions about it. For now, I am moving on to the final of three climactic chapters; if I have a couple more good writing days, I can have that finished by Tuesday. Then the last couple of resolution and wrap-up chapters.

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