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Word Count Chronicles is a series I’ve started to help keep me accountable in my daily writing practice and chronicle (for better or worse) that daily struggles and small successes that I experience as a writer.

Back in the Saddle

7/30: 690 words. After a couple of days of not writing (6/28 and 6/29) because work came calling early, I got in some writing this morning and finished a chapter. It mostly had to do with fly fishing, which I haven’t been able to do in a while, which made me a little sad.

Word Count Fluctuating Like the Stock Market

7/27: 539 words. My word counts over the last two weeks look a lot like a yo-yo. But I feel good about the work I put in today. It’s a scene I hadn’t planned on. But it reveals a side of the protagonist we hadn’t seen before, and gives some much-needed breathing space between the two chapters that sandwich it.

Goal update: I went over 100,000 words for the year today!

Sneaking Words In Where I Can

7/25: 120 words. I didn’t get a chance to write until last night. I was able to put the finishing touches on a chapter. In doing so, I discovered I needed a chapter between the one I finished and the next one, which I’ve already written. So as a placeholder, I called the newly necessary chapter, “Something Happens.”

7/26: 439 words. Although I had no idea what would happen in “Something Happens,” I sorted it out pretty quickly. My protagonist needed a distraction and something to occupy his time. So I gave him both. Meeting a girl while enjoying a hobby.

Jumping into the Extraordinary World

7/24: 1059 words. After days of timidity, I jumped into the extraordinary world with both feet. There are two stages of the extraordinary world, and this was the first. With the chapter that I concluded today, I have now finished the first quarter of Casual Business with Fairies.

The Extraordinary World

I’ve updated here in a few days because there hasn’t been much going on with the story. Here are the word counts over the last few days:

7/20: 506 words.

7/21: 270 words.

7/22: 0 words.

7/23: 183 words.

The problem is that it’s time for my protagonist to encounter the extraordinary world. But I am uncertain what that world looks like. The story is at an impasse, such that it cannot progress any further without me making some decisions. So instead of doing that, I’ve mostly just avoided writing and worked on other projects, which is not ideal since I’m intending to finish the first draft of this novel before the year is out.

Instead of Writing

7/19: 0 words. Instead of writing today, I did prep work on the new podcast I’m going to launch with Barbara Hinske (best-selling sweet romance and mystery author), The Write Approach.

Update: I wrote 111 words while waiting in car line to pick up the 7YO from summer camp. Many thanks to Scrivener’s iOS app and its ability to sync to my laptop.

Some Good, Some Questionable

7/18: 623 words. The first half of today’s session felt … odd. It accomplished what it needed to, but it didn’t feel like it was good. I guess that’s what editing is for. But the second half flowed much more smoothly.

A Few Days Behind

7/15: 160 words. The third consecutive day with a low word count, but still it was still forward progress. I skipped a chapter, because I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to do with it, so I’m continuing the trend of writing this novel out of order.

7/16: 526 words. Not as much writing as I’d hoped for, but it was still more than the previous three days combined. It’s also noteworthy that I crossed 95,000 words for the year.

7/17: 767 words. A solid writing session this morning. I should finish the current chapter either later today or tomorrow. I’ve been writing Casual Business with Fairies for a month now, and it’s already at 14,000 words. At this pace, I’ll be done in another four months, which seems simultaneously like it will take forever and not be all that long. If I can finish it before Thanksgiving, I’ll feel pretty good about that, especially with how busy August and September are lining up for work.

Plotting a New Course

7/14: 68 words. I’d been having a bit of difficulty figuring out how Middle Builds 1 and 2 would unfold in Casual Business with Fairies, so instead of writing this morning, I did research and really dug into fairy lore.

I had been planning to base parts of this story in German tales, mostly because that’s what I was comfortable with after the three Zauberi Chronicles novels. But that’s not what this story called for.

Once I realized that this was a story rooted in Irish fairy tales, much of the second act of the book began to unfold itself.

A Proponent of Steady Progress

7/13: 118 words. Maybe there’s irony in titling today’s entry what I did when I only wrote 118 words. But the last two weeks have been really solid, and today, I finished the first seven chapters of Casual Business with Fairies, which comes in at just over 12,500 words.