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Word Count Chronicles is a series I’ve started to help keep me accountable in my daily writing practice and chronicle (for better or worse) that daily struggles and small successes that I experience as a writer.

Word Count Chronicles: Low Daily Average

8/3: 246 words. I’m making progress, just not as quickly as I’d prefer. I’ve been averaging about 200 words/day for the last few days. At this rate, I’m not going to finish by the end of September like I’ve planned. So I’m going to have to kick things into a higher gear.

Word Count Chronicles: I’m Still Here

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted, but I’m will writing. I’m now about 2/3 through Walls Ascending. I’ve had two different people read the first half of the book, and they’ve both given me the green light that it’s on course to be good.

Here’s what my word count has looked like for the last two weeks:

  • 7/17: 261
  • 7/18: 192
  • 7/20: 807
  • 7/21: 573
  • 7/22: 396
  • 7/23: 151
  • 7/24: 382
  • 7/25: 98
  • 7/26: 1049
  • 7/27: 140
  • 7/28: 106
  • 7/30: 438
  • 7/31: 130

I’m no long on pace to finish it by the end of August, but with any luck (and some consistency that I’ve been lacking lately), I should finish by the end of September.

Word Count Chronicles: Coming Out of Halftime

7/15: 766 words. It was a long time coming, but I’m slowly piecing together what the third quarter of Walls Ascending will look like. When I started writing the first chapter in the book’s second half yesterday, it felt a lot like running out of a tunnel from the locker room after halftime. Now, we’ll see if I make the necessary adjustments and perform well.

Word Count Chronicles: Juxtaposition between Real Life and Writing

7/8: 725 words. Today, I had to write a particularly grisly and visceral murder scene for Walls Ascending. I had known for several days that I was coming up on it. But even still, the writing of it put me in a heavy mental space.

I was most of the way through the scene when my wife and kiddos came bopping into the room just as happy as can be, and greeting me good mornings. I wanted warn them, “Y’all be careful. I just did a murder. There’s blood and brain matter all over the place. And I’m still trying to extract this piece of metal from somebody’s head.”

Instead, I just greeted everyone and enjoyed the odd moment that exhibited the difference between real life and what was transpiring on my computer screen.

Word Count Chronicles: Jump Around! Jump Around!

7/2: 475 words. It’s unsettling to me that I’m having such difficulty figuring out the second half of Act 2. So in the meantime, I’m writing the chapters I know will transpire in Act 3, which opens with a fun chapter. So I’m just trying to enjoy this moment, rather than fret over what I don’t yet know.

Word Count Chronicles: Setback — The Exception or the Rule?

6/29 and 6/30: 0 words. Despite my 6/28 post talking about my determination to build on the process of the prior week, that hasn’t panned out. Yesterday, I had an 11-hour workday while also watching the kids, due to a childcare snafu. Today, I had to work on my presentation of paper for a speech I’m delivering at the Alabama State Bar Annual Conference in a couple of weeks. So even though I had the best of intentions, life has intervened. Again. I hope to get back to Walls Ascending tomorrow.