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Word Count Chronicles is a series I’ve started to help keep me accountable in my daily writing practice and chronicle (for better or worse) that daily struggles and small successes that I experience as a writer.

Word Count Chronicles: This Is What Brings Me Back

4/20: 638 words. I had a good writing session this morning. My writing window was only about thirty minutes, but it was a good thirty minutes. It was the kind of day that brings you back time and again. The words flowed and they felt right.

I finished the first of two scenes that will comprise Chapter 11 of Walls Ascending. And I have a pretty good idea of how the second scene will go. Then in the shower, I figured out how the next chapter will go.

So that’s how this book is going to go. One scene at a time. Stitching them together to form a comfy quilt. But a quilt that’s going to have a whole slough of dead bodies inside.

Word Count Chronicles: Book Contents and Back Matter

4/19: 300 words. One of the most difficult parts of writing a book is not actually the writing of the book itself, but rather penning the blurb about the book. You have to condense the spirit of the book into three or four sentences in a way that catalyzes a potential reader into buying it. Writing a good blurb is really an art unto itself.

Even though I’m only a quarter of the way through Walls Ascending, I’ve already been thinking about what that blurb will look like. Here’s my first pass. I’m sure it will have many iterations before I eventually make the book available for pre-order, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

I had actually planned to share it here today before realizing that it will spoil events that occur in Vulcan Rising, which no one has yet had a chance to read because it doesn’t release until June 1.

Word Count Chronicles: Another Day, Another Scene

4/18: 243 words. I started a new scene this morning in Chapter 11. I have only some small inkling of where its going and what’s going to happen. And really, that seems to be a running theme for the next three quarters of the book. So that’s some combination of liberating and terrifying, with me falling on either side of that line depending on what day it is.

Word Count Chronicles: Finished Another Chapter

4/17: 676 words. It only took me three weeks, but I finished Chapter 10 of Walls Ascending. It sets the stage for some big emotional dominoes to fall and will catalyze some of the major events on the book. For that reason, it was tough to write, and I chickened out on tending to it for much of the last few weeks.

Word Count Chronicles: Growing Old in Salem’s Lot

4/13: I started reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King this weekend, and a couple of things have struck me. The mechanics how how we tell story have changed so much since King first published this book in 1975.

Also, I was concerned that having multiple POV characters is sometimes too much. But King has a dozen or more in Salem’s Lot and an omniscient narrator. So I think I’m okay with three or four POV characters.

Speaking of my writing, I only wrote 41 words this morning. Got sidetracked with working on something related to Walls Ascending, but not a part of the writing itself.

Word Count Chronicles: Return of the Pen

4/12: After another hiatus, I returned to writing Walls Ascending today. The next few weeks look (at least on paper) moderately unstressful, so hopefully I can maintain some semblance of moving the story forward.

I’ll admit to kicking the can down the road some because (1) the scene I’m currently writing is emotional — for the characters, not me — and difficult, and (2) because I don’t know exactly where the story is going, and that’s really bothering me.

But now I at least know where this scene is going. And that’s all I have to do for the time being — finish this scene. Then I can fret over the next one.

Word Count Chronicles: No Words, But Much Marketing

4/11: While I didn’t write in any of my projects today, I did do a bunch of marketing. In keeping with my current local book marketing strategy for Vulcan Rising, I emailed 17 more indie book stores within 200 miles of me about carrying my novel. Hopefully, I’ll continue to see results of stores picking it up. It’s only been a few hours, and I’ve already heard back from one that they are diarying it for review before the June 1 release date.

Word Count Chronicles: Indexing My Ideas

4/10: Instead of writing this morning, I spent my time cataloging my book and story ideas. All my ideas have been spread throughout a couple of moleskin notebooks. Some aren’t even ideas books or stories so much as snippets, potential titles, and even a stray logline. But since I have a love of spreadsheets, I created a spreadsheet to contain all of these. No I feel more organized and prepared to attack new projects when the time comes.

Word Count Chronicles: Undertaking Some Changes

3/28: 373 words. I started scene today that is going to initiate some significant discoveries in Walls Ascending. It’s the first scene of Middle Build 1, and I am really writing into the dark here.

But more importantly, I listened to an episode of Mythcreants today called Exploitation and Appropriation. One of the things they discussed was not unnecessarily including rape or sexual assault events in your novel. Walls Ascending has a couple of scenes in which such things have occurred off stage; I don’t believe them to be gratuitous, and they’re based on real life events. But I don’t want to disable anyone from enjoying the book, so I’m going to remove those occurrences. I think I can still portray the monstrous nature of the antagonist without that being present.

Word Count Chronicles: We Are Streaking

3/25: 626 words. After having written for three consecutive days, I have finished Chapter 9 of Walls Ascending, and we’re about to enter the Middle Build. Just as with Vulcan Rising, we are at the part of the book where I no longer know exactly what is happening next. It feels a lot like walking into a cavernous room while having only a candle to light my way.