12/30: 128 words.

12/31: 798 words. In today’s chapter, I skipped around again and wrote out of the chronology, because I’m not quite ready to write what came next. So I wrote a scene where our trio of heroes in Forging Bonds has a heart-to-heart conversation where we learn some really foundational things about one of the characters. It was really a joy to write.

Update: I added 299 more words this afternoon. On 12/21, I posted about having a goal of writing 5,000 words before the end of the year. I ended up with 7,572, so I am more than pleased with that, especially considering that I’m now 13,000 words into Forging Bonds. Assuming it’s the same length as Vulcan Rising and Seeking Sanctuary (which were each just over 70,000 words), that means I’m nearly 20% done with the first draft.

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