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Word Count Chronicles: Day 81 (When the Protagonist Is Alone)

2/1: 420 words. Most of my scenes involve two or more people. In the first half of the scene I’m writing right now — where Agatha discovers a body — so it’s been interesting writing without any dialogue to move things forward and keep them interesting. I think I’ve done a good job of that, but really, it’s not up to me to make that determination.

Word Count Chronicles: Day 78 (or Something)

1/29: 366 words. This is the first day I’ve written since Monday. Between a work crisis that started Monday evening and carried through to Wednesday, and prepping for two podcast interview sessions (first with Barbara Hinske and then John Hart), writing took … not even a back seat. It didn’t make it into the car during the middle part of the week.

But sometimes that’s the way of things. I got back into it this morning. And I’m fully intent on finishing my current chapter today or tomorrow.

Word Count Chronicles: Day 77 (A Blurb for Vulcan Rising)

1/25: 235 words. I continue my slow but steady progress with Walls Ascending as I write through the Beginning Hook.

I also did some prep this morning for my podcast interview with John Hart that’s coming up later in the week.

But most excitingly, I got back the first blurb for Vulcan Rising:

Vulcan Rising J. W. Judge Blurb Michael La Ronn

So I’ll sleep better tonight with that in the bag, even if I inexplicably lose the hearing I had this afternoon.

Word Count Chronicles: Day 76 (Early Riser Interference)

1/24: 315 words. I was up and writing by 5:37am today. Pretty standard for my weekends. In fact, it was a couple minutes earlier than I got up and started yesterday.
The problem is that my 6YO woke up five minutes later. I coaxed him into staying in bed until 6:00am. But this chewed up a few of those precious quiet minutes. He popped out of bed at exactly 6:00am. The 2YO was up fifteen minutes after that.

All hope for a productive writing morning was lost, not to be recovered.