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Real Life Turned Fictional

7/12: 791 words. The first couple chapters of Casual Business with Fairies are rooted in a motorcycle trip that I look in the summer of 2005. By all objective metrics, it was a total mess. So that’s been fun to relive and place someone else in that misery … along with giving them their own additional miseries to contend with.

Things Are Falling into Place

7/10: 462 words. I didn’t to writing yesterday until late in the afternoon after church and after I took the kids to play in the creek. But when I stopped writing, I found that Casual Business with Fairies was at 11,111 words, which was unexpectedly gratifying.

7/11: 861 words. With another good writing session this morning, things have been really falling into place for the Beginning Hook. And for a book that I had not plan or framework for when I started writing it, I’m pretty stoked about that.

All Out of Order

7/9: 1147 words. Even though I haven’t written chapters 2-3 or 8-10, I finished writing chapters 4 and 11 of Casual Business with Fairies today. I get the impression it’s just going to be that kind of book, at least for now. I did cross the 10,000 word threshold for the novel today. Feeling good about that.

A Good Writing Session

7/8: 693 words. After writing no words yesterday for a variety of reasons (an early start at work, releasing one podcast episode and recording another, and taking the kids to a matinee showing of The Rise of Gru), I had a really productive writing session this morning. It took me a few minutes to find the thread and get started, but once I did, the words really flowed. I should be able to finish the current chapter today (if I’m lucky) or tomorrow. The Beginning Hook is really coming together well.

From One Kind of Contract to Another

7/6: 650 words. There are some widely accepted guidelines for dealings with fairies. I had to learn these and find a way to share them with my protagonist in Casual Business with Fairies as he prepares for a visit to the land of the Fae.

More Research and Writing about Coverage Exclusions

7/5: 215 words. My writing time was pretty constrained this morning. Much of it was consumed by me finding the exact insurance policy language I wanted to include in this chapter. I’m expecting the chapter to be the shortest in the book. Long enough to establish my protagonist’s expertise in insurance policy language, but (hopefully) short enough that I don’t lose any momentum with the reader by writing about insurance policy language.

Talking Insurance Coverage in a Novel

7/4: 954 words. The protagonist in the new novel, Casual Business with Fairies, is a lawyer who works with insurance companies as a consultant about policy language. Normally, that wouldn’t be relevant and wouldn’t make its way into the book, but later in the book (at least as I have it planned now), his skill with contracts is going to be a significant factor in the plot. So I had to spend some time early on establishing his expertise.

When It Feels Like Nothing Happens

7/3: 585 words. I’m content with the number of words I got out today, but it felt like nothing was happening. This chapter starts with something interesting and ends something even more interesting, but the middle requires some information to be shared and some character development. That’s where I was today. Necessary, but not exciting. However, it paves the way for me to write the fun part tomorrow.

I also can’t help but thinking that if I could just write 500 words a day, I could finish this novel by the end of the year. It seems unlikely that I can manage that pace with my law practice, family, and a new podcast project I’m working on. But there’s really no rush. I’ll keep working on it and finish it in a reasonable time.

Sorting Out the Plot

7/2: 187 words. While I didn’t make a lot of writing progress yesterday, I did figure out the premise of the story I’m writing. I have been working on it for a couple of weeks with only the vaguest of ideas of what I want it to be. But this morning, while cleaning the house, I finally figured out what this new novel, Casual Business with Fairies, is about. I rode a pretty nice high for much of the day after that revelation. Now I can’t wait to see if it turns out like I’ve outlined.

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