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Research Before Writing

1/2: 195 words. I had to do a bunch of research yesterday about a couple of locations that I’ve never been to but in which significant events in the story take place. That is going to be true for much of Forging Bonds, so there’s to be a lot of research. And on those day’s there’s not much writing.

New Year, More Words

1/1/22: 421 words. Today, I finished a chapter I’d been working on and revised a couple of others. I’m on pace for the 100,000 words I hope to write this year. So we’ll put that in the win column.

Unfortunately, I already have something in the loss column for the new year too — a flat tire.

Closing Out the Year on a High Note

12/30: 128 words.

12/31: 798 words. In today’s chapter, I skipped around again and wrote out of the chronology, because I’m not quite ready to write what came next. So I wrote a scene where our trio of heroes in Forging Bonds has a heart-to-heart conversation where we learn some really foundational things about one of the characters. It was really a joy to write.

Update: I added 299 more words this afternoon. On 12/21, I posted about having a goal of writing 5,000 words before the end of the year. I ended up with 7,572, so I am more than pleased with that, especially considering that I’m now 13,000 words into Forging Bonds. Assuming it’s the same length as Vulcan Rising and Seeking Sanctuary (which were each just over 70,000 words), that means I’m nearly 20% done with the first draft.

Divide and Conquer

12/29: 526 words. This morning, I only got about 125 words done before I had to set things a side and get ready to travel. But in the afternoon and evening, I snuck in a few more words here and there. Enough to get to a respectable number for the day.

Closing Out the Year on a Streak

12/28: 1318 words. When I have runs like this, I think to myself, If I could just keep up writing a thousand words a day, I could close this book out in two months. But things don’t really work that way. So I’ll take advantage of the next several days when work is slow and the holidays are still upon us, and try to accumulate as many words as I can.

It’s a Post-Christmas Miracle

12/27: 1803 words. Holy moly! It’s amazing how much writing you can get done when the house is empty of kiddos. This is the second-most number of words I’ve written in a day this year (excepting all the writing that I do as a lawyer, because there are plenty of days that I write thousands upon thousands of words for my legal work).

With this in the books, it’s all but a certainty that I’ll hit the mini-goal I set last week of writing 5,000 words before the year ended. I’m also about 700 words shy of being 10,000 words into Forging Bonds. And every 10,000-word milestone feels like such an important marker.

It may only be 12-15% of the book, but by the time you’ve accumulated that many words for the project, it feels so much more concrete.

Post-Christmas Aftermath

12/26: 298 words. I had hoped to get in more words today. But it just didn’t happen. Partway through my writing session, I realized I need to change point-of-view characters for the second chapter of Forging Bonds.

That brings us up to four point-of-view characters, though one is only going to have a couple of chapters. It’s one more than I’ve done in the other books, and I think it’s going to be fine. But it certainly disrupted what I was doing and has forced me to reconsider my presentation of the chapter.

Christmas Word Count

12/25: 136 words. Between the time that the older kiddo awoke and when we allowed him to wake up his little sister and go see what Santa had brought, I had time to punch a few key strokes.