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Word Count Chronicles: Resisting the Resistance

6/28: 506 words. Whenever, I’ve sat down to write lately, the Resistance has been strong. I’m tempted to do my day job work, to piddle around on social media, to research inane topics. Anything but writing.

I want to write this book. I want to stretch my boundaries and my abilities. And to do those things, I must continue to struggle against the Resistance. Today, I succeeded in doing so. I am determined to do so tomorrow as well.

Word Count Chronicles: Stringing Together a Few Good Days

6/27: 743 words. It’s been four weeks since I last wrote this many words in a day. As I said a few days ago, writing days have been hard to come by in the last month. But that is behind me now. All I can do is focus on stringing a few good days together.

And I can definitely say hat I’ve felt good about the words that have hit the page over the last week (even if it did require skipping the third quarter of the book, knowing I’ll have to come back to it and figure it out). I’ll just keep trying to trend in right direction this week.

Word Count Chronicles: Running into Walls

6/26: 447 words. I’ve been banging my head into a wall, trying to figure out how Middle Build, Part 2 (the second half of Act 2) transpires. It’s been a huge hurdle for me. So I have decided to bypass it for now.

I have a really good idea of how the Ending Payoff works, so that’s what I’ve started writing. And I am feeling good about how the first scene kicks off. It sets the tone for the final quarter of the book being in overdrive the whole time.

Word Count Chronicles: Researching Ridiculous Quotes

6/25: 244 words. I could have, and probably should have, had more words today. But I spent about 20 of my precious writing minutes looking for a quote from one of the Home Alone movies. But I couldn’t remember the words of the quote, just Kevin’s expression when he said it. So that made it pretty difficult to look up, and it was entirely fruitless exercise.

But at least I finished the chapter I’ve been working on for the last week. Time to move on to — I don’t actually know what comes next.

Word Count Chronicles: More Words on the Page

6/23: 182 words. More words on the page today. After the 3-week hiatus, I’m far behind the pace I had in mind to complete Walls Ascending by late August. But with having no trials scheduled for the next couple of months, maybe I can make up for lost time and get back on track.

Word Count Chronicles: Writing a Chase Scene

6/22: 559 words. I wrote my first chase scene over the last couple of days. It was more difficult than I had expected to balance (1) moving the scene forward with a sense of urgency and anticipation while (2) adequately describing everything that’s occurring.

This scene may take several rounds of edits to get right. Then it will be up to the reader to decide whether I’ve been successful.

Word Count Chronicles: Unintended Writing Hiatus

6/20: 541 words. Between a wildly busy few weeks at work and launching Vulcan Rising at the beginning of the month, I have had to let Walls Ascending sit and percolate for most of the last three weeks.

There are a couple of things going on with Walls Ascending that are troubling me. I have been entirely unable to figure out how the protagonist discovers who the antagonist is. I’ve been wracking my brain, and I’m just drawing blanks.

The other thing is the scene that I’m writing. At first, I couldn’t get any traction with it. I was having trouble deciding whose point of view to write it from. Then once I’d decided, I continued to doubt the decision. And after I was a few hundred words into the scene, I wasn’t feeling good about it at all. But I kept plugging along. Now I’m feeling better about it. Not awesome. But better. I’ll finish the chapter in the next few days (hopefully), and take it from there. And if I need to scrap it, so be it.

Word Count Chronicles: Computer Surgery Required

6/8: 63 words. After more than a week away from writing (while I launched Vulcan Rising), I was ready to get back into it today. But then I had computer problems and spent the first hour of my day doing surgery on my laptop — all seems okay with it now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to write more than a few dozen words.