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Word Count Chronicles: Unintended Writing Hiatus

6/20: 541 words. Between a wildly busy few weeks at work and launching Vulcan Rising at the beginning of the month, I have had to let Walls Ascending sit and percolate for most of the last three weeks.

There are a couple of things going on with Walls Ascending that are troubling me. I have been entirely unable to figure out how the protagonist discovers who the antagonist is. I’ve been wracking my brain, and I’m just drawing blanks.

The other thing is the scene that I’m writing. At first, I couldn’t get any traction with it. I was having trouble deciding whose point of view to write it from. Then once I’d decided, I continued to doubt the decision. And after I was a few hundred words into the scene, I wasn’t feeling good about it at all. But I kept plugging along. Now I’m feeling better about it. Not awesome. But better. I’ll finish the chapter in the next few days (hopefully), and take it from there. And if I need to scrap it, so be it.

Word Count Chronicles: Computer Surgery Required

6/8: 63 words. After more than a week away from writing (while I launched Vulcan Rising), I was ready to get back into it today. But then I had computer problems and spent the first hour of my day doing surgery on my laptop — all seems okay with it now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to write more than a few dozen words.

Word Count Chronicles: Making Up Lost Ground

5/29: 1194 words. This was a good morning of writing. The words came easy today. I wish they could all be like this. Let’s hope tomorrow delivers more of the same. I know how this chapter is going to finish and how the next one is going to go, and I always find that helpful for keeping my momentum. So despite having a patchy middle of the week, I think I’m set to finish May strong.

Word Count Chronicles: A Writing Retreat

I’ve been on a little writing retreat over the last few days, in advance of Vulcan Rising releasing on June 1. So while I’ve been writing and have kept up with my word counts, I haven’t posted them here since Friday.

Here’s what the last few days have looked like:

5/22: 264 words.
5/23: 450 words.
5/24: 275 words.

I am currently writing the final chapter of the first half of Walls Ascending. Then we move into Middle Build, Part 2, which always seems to be the toughest for me. It both needs its own arc and has to create enough momentum for the Ending Payoff (Act 3).

Word Count Chronicles: Over 30,000 Words

5/18: 505 words. I thought I was going to be really limited in my opportunities to write this week because I expected to be trying a case. But through a couple of bizarre circumstances, the case got dismissed. That meant that I got to work on Walls Ascending this morning and take it over the 30,000 word mark. I’m a couple of chapters away from the mid-point of the book and feeling good about things.

Word Count Chronicles: So Many Interruptions

5/15: 126 words. When I got up at 5:30 this morning, I had big plans for what I was going to get done today. But when the two-year-old woke up ten minutes later, I knew I was in trouble. When her crying woke up the six-year-old, I might as well have just tossed my laptop out the window. Oh, well. There’s always tomorrow.