1/29: 283 words. This is the second this week that I wrote fewer words than my daily goal of 300. But it’s alright, because I’m still well ahead of pace and will have more than 16,000 words for the month.

1/30: The chapter I’m currently writing for Forging Bonds (The Zauberi Chronicles, Book 3) has taken the characters to Athens, Greece. I started writing about one of the buildings where some events unfold, when I remembered that I had a photograph of it from my backpacking trip in 2004.

I’m including in the story an adaptation of something that actually happened to me in Athens. We were across from the Temple of Olympian Zeus (also pictured below) when I stepped in wet concrete. My first thought was as overly dramatic as I was prone to in my early twenties. “I guess I’ve left my mark on Athens like all these other immortals.” I’m pretty sure that if I went back and read that part of my journal I kept during the trip, I’d find almost that exact wording.

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