While there was a LOT going on in February and I didn’t put nearly as many words on the page (or into my Scrivener app, if we want to be more accurate) as I would have liked, the same is not true of March. The third month of year was super productive.

For the suspense/contemporary mystery novel I’m currently writing, I typed out just over 15,000 words in March (coming in a couple hundred words shy of what I did in January), which amounts to ten full chapters. The project is currently sitting at roughly 32,000 words, and the halfway point is on the horizon.

Just this week, I had my Alpha Reader (who’s worked with me on all my novels) read the first 100 pages. She read it all in one sitting (!) and gave me some great feedback.

Unrelated: I wrote an article on this blog about “What a New Story Idea Feels Like“.

On the publishing front

My fourth fantasy novel Casual Business with Fairies is now available for pre-order in all formats from your preferred online bookstores: Buy your copy now.

Casual Business with Fairies J. W. Judge not all fairy tales end with happily ever after

The Write Approach in March

Barbara Hinske and I released some really good episodes of The Write Approach in March. Our podcast downloads and YouTube views continue to grow month-over-month.

Our April episodes are lining up to deliver equally good content for listeners. Make sure to subscribe on your preferred platform so you don’t miss anything.

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