With November in the books, it’s time to look back at how the month treated me. I penned 14,625 words in Novel No. 4. That put me at 142,336 words for the year and within 8 chapters of finishing my work in progress. So unless the wheels really come off the tracks, I fully expect to hit 150,000 words and finish the first draft of Novel No. 4 by the end of 2022. I’ll admit to being pretty pumped about that.

I also published a new book in November: Write Your Novel One Day at a Time: How to Write a Novel While Having a Career, a Family, and a Life. Here’s its first review:

In other news, November was an exciting month on The Write Approach. We added 5 new podcast episodes to the library. We doubled our downloads on podcast apps and tripled our views on YouTube. Much thanks to all our listeners and guests! Go check out our newest episodes.

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