11/20: 1494 words. I know there are plenty of people who regularly and easily write 1500 words a day. My job doesn’t usually give me enough time to be one of them. Actually, that’s not entirely true — there are plenty of days where I write thousands of words in legal briefs and pleadings. It’s just that I don’t regularly have the opportunity to write that much on a given day in my creative works.

But today, I was on a bit of a run. I finished a chapter and wrote a big chunk of the last chapter of the Second Act. And where my confidence was flagging a bit earlier in the week, I am now reinvigorated and feeling good about my goal of finishing the first draft of Vulcan Rising before the end of the year. Possibly by mid-December? We’ll see how much progress I can make between now and the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

Update: I added another 695 words this afternoon, bringing myself to a total of 2189 for the day. But more importantly, I have finished Middle Build 2 and get to start on the Ending Payoff (Act 3) tomorrow.

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