6/20: 541 words. Between a wildly busy few weeks at work and launching Vulcan Rising at the beginning of the month, I have had to let Walls Ascending sit and percolate for most of the last three weeks.

There are a couple of things going on with Walls Ascending that are troubling me. I have been entirely unable to figure out how the protagonist discovers who the antagonist is. I’ve been wracking my brain, and I’m just drawing blanks.

The other thing is the scene that I’m writing. At first, I couldn’t get any traction with it. I was having trouble deciding whose point of view to write it from. Then once I’d decided, I continued to doubt the decision. And after I was a few hundred words into the scene, I wasn’t feeling good about it at all. But I kept plugging along. Now I’m feeling better about it. Not awesome. But better. I’ll finish the chapter in the next few days (hopefully), and take it from there. And if I need to scrap it, so be it.

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