11/9: 136 words. Today was always going to be a grind. I finished Chapter 27 of Vulcan Rising yesterday, but I still need to write Chapter 26. I skipped it because I don’t have a clear idea of how it’s going to go. And that’s still true.

So I decided to write Chapter 28 instead … with no clear idea of how it (or any of the subsequent chapters in the book are going to go). I may need to spend some more quality time with my Story Grid Foolscap of the novel to figure out what the rest of Middle Build 2 looks like.

Oh, and it didn’t help that the 6YO woke up 25 minutes before his alarm lit up, demanding to come downstairs. I had to go up and sit in his room with him just to keep him in bed. But I did find a new podcast to listen to; I’ll be giving the Mythcreant Podcast a chance.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is more productive.

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